DHA (Dubai Health Authority) EXAM - ONLINE PRACTICE TEST

Dubai Health Authority performs an evaluation for all the health professionals prior to practice. Online written examination with multiple choice questions is conducted to license the health professionals (Prometric). Click to attempt the dha online exams.

The duration of the DHA Pharmacy exam is 2hrs consisting of 70 MCQs. The questions are prepared from various subjects.
50% of the questions are taken from "Pharmacology" consisting of 35 MCQs
20% of questions from "Pharmacy Practice & Clinical Pharmacy" consisting of 15 MCQs
20% of questions from "Pharmaceutics & Biopharmacutics" consisting of 15 MCQs
10% of the questions are from "Pharmacy Calculations" consisting of 5MCQs.

Reference books that can followed for easy preparation is given below.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying Pharmacist Profession Examination Should hold a Pharmacy Degree Certificate from a recognized university or Institution, Should have a professional experience for a time period of minimum two years after the completion of degree other than UAE Nationals , Applicant should be fluent in Arabic and English languages, Applicant should be able to read and write fluently in Arabic and English languages.

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Practice the online MOH test for Pharmacist exam ..Click Here..

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Practice the online DHA test for Pharmacist exam ..Click Here..

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